Our Brand

Inspired by Cycladic architecture and Modernist ideals of form and functionality, without unnecessary embellishments or redundant detail, with strong yet uncomplicated style, Almira bags are architectural objects made by the hands of skilled artisans in the heart of Athens. At Almira, we don’t follow fashion cycles, we do not participate in overconsumption, we design simple, functional shapes that are meant to outlive fashion seasons and remain precious to the user.

We make less and appreciate more.

clutch bags

On Sustainability

In an industry where ‘novelty’ is a constant requirement to stay relevant overproduction is inevitable. Fashion is not a sustainable trade. We believe that to be sustainable we must produce less and sell less. Therefore, our things are made to last. .

Throw away nothing

Leather is skin and like skin, it is imperfect. We could use a thousand chemicals to make it look perfect, or we could throw away all imperfect pieces. But we don’t. We celebrate imperfections, both in our raw materials and in our fabrication. Machines can produce large number of identical, flawless things – whereas humans make mistakes. So what? We call it character.

Our People

Our bags are made with “Meraki”, which in Greek describes putting your soul, creativity, and passion into making something. Almira bags are handcrafted by a small team of leather professionals in the center of Athens. Leather craftsmanship has been part of Hellenic tradition for generations yet is sadly becoming a lost art, which we hope Almira will help prolong.

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